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Bedesten Osmanlı Mutfağı_Merzifon_AMASYA
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History of Merzifon Covered Bazaar !!!

The covered bazaar (Bedesten) is located in Gazi Mahbup Neighbourhood in the County of Merzifon. It is located to the east of Kara Mustafa Pasha Mosque. It has a square plan. The covered bazaar (Bedesten), which belongs to Kara Mustafa Pasha Foundation, was built in 17th century as a covered bazaar where merchandises were traded. Interiorly, big lancet arches connecting thick pillars support the roof comprising nine domes. Exteriorly, the structure has a body wall comprising a line of cut stone and three lines of bricks. Furthermore, in the middle of each façade, there are four vault-ceiling gates protruding from the cut stone. Between these gates, there is a shopping section surrounding the covered bazaar (Bedesten). As a typical feature of almost all covered bazaars, the roof has an octagonal frame covered with domes with speared eaves.

The covered bazaar (Bedesten) which was one of the core central structures of the City of Merzifon, which reached its golden age with Kara Mustafa Pasha in XVII century, is today a centre of attraction providing service as Bedesten Osmanlı Mutfağı (Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine).   


Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine and Sofa Culture in City of Merzifon !!!

The first floor of two-storey Restaurant has 90 people seating capacity with semi-covered special group chambers, round tables, square tables and 9 domes while the second floor of Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine features specific historical aspects with sofas very close to domes, and a special group chamber with 80 people seating capacity.  Management of Bedesten Ottoman is happy and proud of introducing the local community with a high-quality restaurant featuring international standards and filling a very big market gap in protocol feasts and group dining field with its experiential staff, professional service, and historical place. 


Ottoman cuisine, our heritage of taste sunk into oblivion !!!

Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine’s menu comprises Ottoman Cuisine and dishes from Mediterranean countries. Exc. Chef Ahmet Özdemir has developed a patented dish named ‘Topuz Kebab’, which combines the mace, a war tool used since ancient ages, with concepts of Ottoman Cuisine. The Menu includes special selections from Republic of Turkey, Albania, Antakya and Arab Cuisines together with Partridge and Quail meats, which are musts of those who prefer game meats. Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine’s only difficulty is being forced to make selection from the Cuisine of an Empire which once ruled over 27 countries, being limited to 120 varieties in 9 different categories as Soups, Ottoman Breakfast, Cold Appetizers, Hot Appetizers, Salads, Ready-to-Serve Double Boiler Meals, Grilled and Baked Main Dishes, Seafood, and Desserts.      


6 Countries, 15 states and 20-year-cuisine experience at Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine

The experienced Exc. Chef Ahmet Özdemir, who has inaugurated 14 Fine Dining Restaurants on international cuisines in England and the USA, began his career in 1988. He worked as an executive chef in famous five-star-hotels and popular holiday resorts. Later he improved his career in London for two years and in the USA for five years. Özdemir, who has given career training on the Mediterranean and the Ottoman cuisine, has also professionally inaugurated VIP Ottoman and Mediterranean restaurants aboard. Özdemir has been in Turkey for seven months and is now happy to open Bedesten Ottoman Cuisine in a 400-year-old historic Ottoman building in Merzifon/Amasya and introduce you to the unique Ottoman flavours.

Phone: +90 358 505 01 02